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The band of the brothers Alex and Chris Schartel


Happy New Year!

We wish you all the best for 2020, have a great time!

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"Two Years After" is now available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, Itunes and more.

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We've got a new HP, matching the design of our debut "Two Years After".


Apart from that, nothing has changed - it's just a little brighter...

Two Years After out now!

Our debut "Two years after" is out now.

It consists of 10 Songs. Order it via contact.

We'd like to thank Tim Eiermann and John Naclerio for the excellent Mixing + Mastering!



Now available at:      Spotify      Deezer      Amazon      AppleMusic      iTunes      Tidal      Napster      & more...

Two Years After


05.01.2020  -  Privat

Feier - Dorfschänke Heidelberg Neuenheim

08.02.2020  -  14:00

Eröffnung Jugendzentrum St.Leon Rot

16.02.2020  -  16:00

Zum Alten Kelterhaus - Alsheim

27.03.2020  -  19:30

Die Planke - Schwetzingen

04.04.2020  -  TBA


09.05.2020  -  Privat

60. Geburtstag

16.05.2020  -  19:00

Das Clubhaus der etwas anderen Art - Schwetzingen

26.06.2020  -  TBA


11.07.2020  -  Privat

Trauung und Hochzeit

18.07.2020  -  20:00

Das Clubhaus der etwas anderen Art - Schwetzingen

24.07.2020  -  20:00

Zum Alten Kelterhaus - Alsheim

01.08.2020  -  18:00

Welde-Fest - Plankstadt

23.08.2020  -  18:00

Diedesfelder Weinkerwe

29.08.2020  -  Privat


05.09.2020  -  19:00

Das Clubhaus der etwas anderen Art - Schwetzingen

13.09.2020  -  15:00

Ladenburger Altstadtfest - Gerberstiege

29.11.2020  -  TBA

Hockenheimer Advent

04.12.2020  -  18:30

Schwetzinger Weihnachtsmarkt

Gigs (Unplugged)


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Order "Two Years After":


It comes on CD in a DigiPAC at a price of 10€ (plus shipping costs). Leave us a short message and we will contact you with payment instructions as soon as we can.

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